Woman kicks Usher in the face. Lives the dream of many.

15 Dec

When Usher invited an adoring female fan on stage he probably didn’t expect a kick in the face in front of a live audience. But that’s just what he got.

Usher was performing at Madison Square Garden when he invited the lady on stage. It all was going splendidly until the over-excited fan attempted to wrap her leg over the star’s head (as you would) – managing to smack him square in the face with the heel of her shoe, instead. Ouch!

However, Usher was quick to control the situation and re-establish his cool saying:

“We play rough in bed, you know. We kick each other in the face and all kinds of good stuff.”

Excellent viewing.

Could Usher be the new Michael Jackson?

Meanwhile, Usher reckons he is just the guy to fill Michael Jackson’s place in the music industry:

“You know, we lost Michael Jackson. A lot of pressure is on me and I don’t mind taking it. The impression that I would like to leave is that this guy is really stepping it up to a level where people can hopefully compare me to people like Michael Jackson.”

Yeah, Delusional much? We can’t help but like him just a little bit less now. It’s comments like this that get you kicked in the face…

(Orignally written for heatworld.com)


Nicolas Cage thinks he is Al Capone. Goes mental in Romania.

15 Dec

A video has surfaced of Nicolas Cage causing all sorts of commotion outside a nightclub in Bucharest, Romania where he is currently filming his new movie.

The grainy shots appear to show a man shouting and swearing at a man and two women in the street while people do their best to calm him down.

The man, alleged to be Nicholas Cage can be seen screaming, in true war hero style:

“‘Get in that car and walk away. I’ll f*****g die because of honour. I’ll f*****g die right now.”

Attempts to restrain the freak out result in him shouting:

“‘Don’t touch me you little b****.”

Following his rant he is seen walking away and getting into a car before gathering the energy to shout a few more choice words.

Maybe he is playing an over dramatic abusive gentleman in his new film and he was just getting into character?

Cher refuses to drink anything but hemp milk. Cows feel threatened.

15 Dec

Cher demands hemp milk

Now we have heard some bizarre diva demands in our time but this one takes the (milk and…) biscuit.

Hotel staff were left frantically searching for hemp milk after they were told a certain ‘American superstar’ refused to drink anything else.

It was later revealed that the ‘superstar’ in question was Cher (no, not that Cher – proper Cher off Sonny and of course!) who couldn’t possibly stay a night without a whole case of her special milk.

Now before you all jump to dramatic conclusions, hemp milk won’t make you go all funny if you put in your brownie mix. Rather, the milk is rich in Omega 3 & 6, which is allegedly good for skin and hair. Cher probably thinks it will Turn Back Time (sorry).

However, after seeing the pics of Cher’s not so youthful mug from the Burlesque premiere, we are happy to stick to semi skimmed on our Frosties.

(Originally written for heatworld.com)

Man masterbates over Lord Sugar. Well, tonights episode IS awfully exciting

15 Dec

We are very excited about tonight’s Apprentice, but possibly not as excited as some people.

A man in his thirties has reportedly been caught masturbating in a library – while reading Lord Alan Sugar’s autobiography.

There are no words to describe the horror this image has instilled. We are not denying that Alan Sugar is clearly an incredibly sexually alluring man (bit like Paul Daniels) but really, is nothing sacred? A witness has said:

“He spent about 20 minutes looking through the books in the business section before selecting Alan Sugar’s autobiography. He was behaving rather oddly so we kept an eye on him and then he just sat down with his coat over his lap and started pleasuring himself as he looked through the book.”

Well, it is nice to mix business with pleasure.

Cue the nausea, upon hearing the flattering news Lord Sugar told one follower on Twitter:

“Took me to seriously when I said cum and get it (sic)”.

Sugar’s number one fan received a caution and was banned from the library.

(Orignally written for heatworld.com)



Paul Daniels gets naked. World vomits.

15 Dec

Paul Daniels strips naked for Christmas

Paul Daniels has kindly agreed to give us all an early Christmas present by stripping off for Closer magazine’s alternative Christmas hunks calendar. Suppose ‘alternative’ is one way of describing an aged magician in the nud.

He may more resemble a (unexpectedly hairy) boiled egg in a state of shock, than Daniel Craig, but the magician and Strictly Come Dancing contestant was game as ever to get his kit off for the magazine. Upon revealing his toosh, Paul said:

“Ooh! I’ve got another rabbit for my Debbie. Now that’s magic!”

Wonder what he’ll pull out of his hat next? In fact, no, let’s not… we would rather do a double shot of salmonella and stick a magic wand in our eye. Instead, do you think he could make it disappear? Before it imprints in our minds and we start having eternal nightmares.

Closer’s Christmas Hunks Calendar is free with this week’s special Christmas Double Issue, on sale now.

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Oh thank you baby Jesus! Michael McIntyre and The Hoff confirmed to join BGT

14 Dec

Hooray, rejoice and call your mum to tell her the fabulous news! ITV has confirmed that both Michael McIntyre AND David Hasslehoff will join the Britain’s Got Talent judging panel for the next series. Thank you baby Jesus, we will DEFINITELY buy you a present on your birthday next week.

While our joy is unadulterated, our annoying minds can’t help but spoil the cheer wondering just how Michael’s CV stands up in the area of judging telly talent shows. But as long as he’s not going to morph into Kelly Brook we will overlook this minor detail.

Michael seems (nearly) as thrilled as us, he said of his shiny new seat on the panel:

“I’m a massive fan of Britain’s Got Talent and am extremely excited to be a judge on the new series. I was so thrilled when Simon Cowell asked me that I immediately wanted to run in to Ant and Dec’s arms to celebrate!”

We already know we can have faith in The Hoff after watching those America’s Got Talent repeats in ITV2. Trust us – he will be esteemed telly gold, America’s finest export. Think Meatloaf after a couple of cans. Elaine Bedell, ITV’s Director of Entertainment and Comedy seems to agree:

“As an actor, singer and producer, David Hasselhoff has been immersed in show business for many years, alongside Michael, Amanda and of course Simon Cowell, he is a great addition to the judging panel for 2011”

But like most good news, this announcement is tinged with a smidgen of bad. Simon Cowell, founding father of BGT will not be present for the auditions stages. However, wallow not, for he will be back for the live shows. Yippee!

Also, we would like to thank Elaine Bedell for allowing us to momentarily reminisce the hallowed time that was The Hoff’s music career. Good times.

(Orignally written for heatworld.com)

Still not convinced he is the type of guy you want popping up on the box? Then you clearly haven’t seen this:


Basshunter arrested for sexual assault after ‘groping’ female fans

14 Dec

"Oh shit!"

The police have questioned the Swedish DJ over claims he attacked the pair. He has since been released on bail and is due to appear in court in January.

A police spokesman for Fife Constabulary said:

“Police in Fife can confirm that a 25-year-old man has been arrested in relation to alleged offences committed at Kitty’s, Hunter Street, Kirkcaldy, and has been bailed to appear at Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court in due course.”

By the time his arrest was announced, the nightclub in Fife had already issued an apology over the DJ’s behaviour during the night, stating:

“We were totally embarrassed by his conduct.”

Basshunter’s manager has insisted the allegations are “totally untrue” but the star will suspiciously fully co-operate with the police investigation.

(It may be tempting here to make cruel jokes. But all that sort of sillyness will do is get us all sued – and we are so not up for being sued by Rapehunter er.. Basshunter)