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Pregnant Victoria Beckham has great British preserve. Could it be a baby girl?

29 Jan

Victoria Beckham has confessed her latest pregnancy cravings. With it being Posh, we immediately envisioned rock oysters, roasted pheasant, a quails egg or two, all washed down with a nice guava smoothie. But marmalade? Well, that’s not so Posh.

But Mrs Beckham’s chums have revealed that in fact, Posh just can’t get enough… marmalade on toast and a nice cup of tea.

‘Victoria’s having a lot of tea and toast with lashings of marmalade,’ a source told The Sun.

‘She can’t get enough of the stuff. Mostly she’s been having it on toast, accompanied by lots of cups of tea.’

Paddington Bear was unable to comment at this time, but sources suggest he was thrilled with the news.

Now, Namedropper’s resident old wife reckons that chicks who crave sweet foods like marmalade are more likely to be expecting a girl. Meaning Dave better get cracking on with the painting, if the North Wing of Beckham Towers is to be pink by the summer, when the baby is due to arrive.


Don’t be telling porkies about our Dave and Vic!

22 Sep

When it comes to the Beckhams, never touch the untouchable (unless, of course, your name is Rebecca Loos).

In Touch magazine have learnt this the hard way since daring to mess with the world’s no1 golden couple.

The US magazine unwisely printed a story alleging that David Beckham slept with a $10,000 prostitute at Claridges hotel in 2007.

Golden Balls strenuously denies all allegations and it’s looking like In Touch can prepare to foot a rather steep legal bill. A spokesperson for the Beckhams has said:

“(These rumours) are completely untrue and totally ridiculous, as the magazine was clearly told before publication. Sadly we live in a world where a magazine can print lies and believe they can get away with it,”

“We are taking legal action against the magazine.”

Hoorah to justice! Also while we are on the subject of all things ridiculous:


Posh Spice likes a cheeky cupping

10 Jul

Victoria Beckham has been caught ‘cupping’.

Rather than being some rarely spoke of sexual manoevre, cupping is, in fact,  a detoxifying Chinese practice. Cupping involves small glass jars heated and applied to patients’ backs. The vacuum is believed to help rid the body of toxins.

Posh Spice  was pictured flying back to Heathrow with ‘cupping’ welt marks all down her back.

Blime – the lengths our celebs go to deter ole Father Time!

However, Vic was looking a little worse for wear last week after reportedly caning it at her 11th wedding anniversary (how quick has that time flown by?!)

She ended up slumped in a lift at Nice airport as she prepared to fly back to London, having been violently sick ‘just nine minutes earlier’.

We can only hope David was there to lift the toilet lid.

So maybe a good cupping was just what she needed!


29 Jun

Two major breaking hair related news stories this evening. Basically…

Naomi’s lost some.                                           Posh has gained some.