Pregnant Victoria Beckham has great British preserve. Could it be a baby girl?

29 Jan

Victoria Beckham has confessed her latest pregnancy cravings. With it being Posh, we immediately envisioned rock oysters, roasted pheasant, a quails egg or two, all washed down with a nice guava smoothie. But marmalade? Well, that’s not so Posh.

But Mrs Beckham’s chums have revealed that in fact, Posh just can’t get enough… marmalade on toast and a nice cup of tea.

‘Victoria’s having a lot of tea and toast with lashings of marmalade,’ a source told The Sun.

‘She can’t get enough of the stuff. Mostly she’s been having it on toast, accompanied by lots of cups of tea.’

Paddington Bear was unable to comment at this time, but sources suggest he was thrilled with the news.

Now, Namedropper’s resident old wife reckons that chicks who crave sweet foods like marmalade are more likely to be expecting a girl. Meaning Dave better get cracking on with the painting, if the North Wing of Beckham Towers is to be pink by the summer, when the baby is due to arrive.


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