Goats go wild for Cheesy Lover Mariah Carey (who is co-incidently up the duff)

19 Dec

Mariah Carey proven to increase goat lactation

Breaking news just in…

Farmer Angus Wielkopolski has revealed goats produce more milk listening to Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You than any other song.

The amazing discovery was made at St Helen’s farm near York where staff listen to music while they milk the cows. They found that when Mariah was played the goat’s produced up to half a pint more milk.

Amateur farmers should realise, however, the importance to stick to Mariah Carey rather than Guns and Roses as:

‘They seem more nervous when they hear heavy metal’ the farmer added. (We think he’s talking about the goats that is. Not the milkers)

This got us wondering what we would play…

Here’s the Namedropper farm’s ultimate top 5 milking tracks:

Cheesy Lover – Phil Collins

Crazy for Moo – Madonna

Cream if you wanna go faster – Geri Halliwell

Cattlefield – Jordin Sparks

Yoghurt the Love – Candi Staton

What would you play?

*Since publishing this story it has been confirmed that Mariah Carey is pregnant with twins. Congratulations Mariah!
(Originally written for heatworld.com)


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