Paul Daniels gets naked. World vomits.

15 Dec

Paul Daniels strips naked for Christmas

Paul Daniels has kindly agreed to give us all an early Christmas present by stripping off for Closer magazine’s alternative Christmas hunks calendar. Suppose ‘alternative’ is one way of describing an aged magician in the nud.

He may more resemble a (unexpectedly hairy) boiled egg in a state of shock, than Daniel Craig, but the magician and Strictly Come Dancing contestant was game as ever to get his kit off for the magazine. Upon revealing his toosh, Paul said:

“Ooh! I’ve got another rabbit for my Debbie. Now that’s magic!”

Wonder what he’ll pull out of his hat next? In fact, no, let’s not… we would rather do a double shot of salmonella and stick a magic wand in our eye. Instead, do you think he could make it disappear? Before it imprints in our minds and we start having eternal nightmares.

Closer’s Christmas Hunks Calendar is free with this week’s special Christmas Double Issue, on sale now.

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