Cher refuses to drink anything but hemp milk. Cows feel threatened.

15 Dec

Cher demands hemp milk

Now we have heard some bizarre diva demands in our time but this one takes the (milk and…) biscuit.

Hotel staff were left frantically searching for hemp milk after they were told a certain ‘American superstar’ refused to drink anything else.

It was later revealed that the ‘superstar’ in question was Cher (no, not that Cher – proper Cher off Sonny and of course!) who couldn’t possibly stay a night without a whole case of her special milk.

Now before you all jump to dramatic conclusions, hemp milk won’t make you go all funny if you put in your brownie mix. Rather, the milk is rich in Omega 3 & 6, which is allegedly good for skin and hair. Cher probably thinks it will Turn Back Time (sorry).

However, after seeing the pics of Cher’s not so youthful mug from the Burlesque premiere, we are happy to stick to semi skimmed on our Frosties.

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