The ghost of Gamu haunts X FACTOR! *NB this doesn’t mean she is dead…

14 Dec

Back in July, the X Factor judges were asked to make predictions on who they thought would win the competition. Last night on The Xtra Factor these predictions were revealed.

Simon Cowell had predicted Aiden Grimshaw would walk away the winner but controversially also had Gamu Nhengu down as a potential winner.

News that left Chezza Cole looking like she’d swallowed a fly with PMT.

Cheryl infamously sent Gamu packing from the competition at the judge’s house stage in favour of Katie Waissel and Cher Lloyd, which prompted the world to get very angry indeed.

Even in the light of the public backlash Gamu was overlooked as the Girls Aloud singer’s wildcard entry with TreyC Cohen taking her potential place.

Since the decision was made Simon has said:

“I genuinely would like to help her. I want her to audition next year.”

Let’s face it. She probably will and then Si will be hailed as her saviour and all will be well in the world of Cowell once more.

Nicole Scherzinger, standing in for Cheryl and Dannii also predicted the Zimbabwean singer for the win.

None of the judges thought that Matt Cardle would win. Although Konnie Huq did guess right in possibly the only time she has been on the ball. Ever.

Louis Walsh went with Aiden Grimshaw.


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