Oh thank you baby Jesus! Michael McIntyre and The Hoff confirmed to join BGT

14 Dec

Hooray, rejoice and call your mum to tell her the fabulous news! ITV has confirmed that both Michael McIntyre AND David Hasslehoff will join the Britain’s Got Talent judging panel for the next series. Thank you baby Jesus, we will DEFINITELY buy you a present on your birthday next week.

While our joy is unadulterated, our annoying minds can’t help but spoil the cheer wondering just how Michael’s CV stands up in the area of judging telly talent shows. But as long as he’s not going to morph into Kelly Brook we will overlook this minor detail.

Michael seems (nearly) as thrilled as us, he said of his shiny new seat on the panel:

“I’m a massive fan of Britain’s Got Talent and am extremely excited to be a judge on the new series. I was so thrilled when Simon Cowell asked me that I immediately wanted to run in to Ant and Dec’s arms to celebrate!”

We already know we can have faith in The Hoff after watching those America’s Got Talent repeats in ITV2. Trust us – he will be esteemed telly gold, America’s finest export. Think Meatloaf after a couple of cans. Elaine Bedell, ITV’s Director of Entertainment and Comedy seems to agree:

“As an actor, singer and producer, David Hasselhoff has been immersed in show business for many years, alongside Michael, Amanda and of course Simon Cowell, he is a great addition to the judging panel for 2011”

But like most good news, this announcement is tinged with a smidgen of bad. Simon Cowell, founding father of BGT will not be present for the auditions stages. However, wallow not, for he will be back for the live shows. Yippee!

Also, we would like to thank Elaine Bedell for allowing us to momentarily reminisce the hallowed time that was The Hoff’s music career. Good times.

(Orignally written for heatworld.com)

Still not convinced he is the type of guy you want popping up on the box? Then you clearly haven’t seen this:



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