Hell hath no fury like an X FACTOR voter scorned

14 Dec

For those of you who were fortunate enough to miss Konnie Huq’s very obvious question time aka Xtra Factor on Sunday, here are the highly anticipated X Factor voting figures break down in full.


A few figures of concern.

Firstly, it seems the Wagner’s pudding (ew) was SOMEWHAT over egged. He was in fact, never in the top three as was frighteningly suggested.

Secondly, Mary Byrne was the winner of week one and DID beat Cher in week nine with 3.42% more votes when the world shat a few kittens and shouted ‘FIIIIIIX’ really, really too loudly at their TV screens.

So really it should have been Mary up there getting duet groovy with Will.I.Am.Chezza’s.Mate Saturday night. He might have even let her wear his ‘cool’ Lego necklace.

A whopping 15,448,019 votes were cast throughout the season. If every vote was made via landline, Namedropper’s resident maths nerd estimates that X Factor made £5.4 million from phone votes this year. That will sort a few Barbados holidays and hair plugs for Si.

(Orignally written for heatworld.com)


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