Biffy Clyro fans mastermind evil plan to sabotage X FACTOR. Anyone else feeling deja vu-ish?

14 Dec
X Factor winner Matt Cardle has got his sights set on the Christmas number
one with his version of When We Collide. 

Matt’s single sees an X Factor adoption of Biffy Clyro’s ‘Many of Horror’ which has been hijacked and repackaged especially for the former painter decorator.

Of course, the inevitable Grinchy spoilsports are already hatching plans to sabotage Matt’s chances, launching a campaign to get the original to number one to beat Matt’s cover. The original had its chance already however, us lovers of populist nonsense and listeners of Radio One denounced it as too cool for our consumption.

However, in comparison, for proper serious musician types who probably NEVER listen to Radio One, Biffy Clyro’s front man seems pretty chilled out concerning the whole song choice thing: 

“It’s always just been Saturday night entertainment – The X Factor is for the kind of people who buy fucking Robbie Williams calendars.”

That is so presumptuous. We are totes buying Take That this year. He added:

“I don’t think it’s a threat to ‘real’ music at all. It’s just entertainment. It’s just what The A-Team was in 1986. And Simon Cowell isn’t the devil, he’s just someone who wants to make shitloads of money, and fair play to him.”

We’ll take that comparison… Just so long as Louis Walsh gets to be

Mr T.  Plus, we are guessing that Biffy might make their own ‘shitload’ off royalties so probably won’t get too marred.

Nonetheless, NME were not so chirpy about the song choice labeling it
as ‘abysmally sung’. 

But they also dubbed One Direction ‘a wafty boy band made up of H&M
winterwear mannequins’ which minus the ‘wafty’ made us laugh so we’ll
let them off.


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