There’s the line KATIE PRICE. Yep, way back over there…

2 Dec

Poor Jordan and her pesky slippery fingers.

While Katie Price may have been tweeting some pretty heinous tweets about certain journalists of late, today she really did manage to mortify when she “accidentally” shared an extremely inappropriate tweet with her 700,000+ following.

Sensitive soul Jordan retweeted one of her similarly sophisticated followers who suggested the journalists in question had crabs (classic useage… if you are 12) and HIV (impeccable timing with it being World Aids Day just yesterday), in the belief this would justly entertain the world.

To be precise, the tweet read:

‘If i was u,I’d start writing on twitter Dan Wootton has HIV and Gemma Wheatley has crabs etc.They make up *&^%$% so y cant u?X’

However, when it came to light that perhaps such retweeting was slightly offensive and vile, Katie got a call from her PR and realised ‘y’ she couldn’t prompting the tweet to be deleted and the following tweet was posted:

“apoligies everyone especially (dan and gemma) that RTwas accidental.Be great if they’d admit when they get something wrong but wont happen!”

Too late for an ‘apoligie’ Kates. Damage is done. But at least now we have further confirmation you have the literacy skills of an 8 year old.


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