Multitalented Peaches Geldof to be as big as Dear Deidre

1 Dec

It’s official: ITV2, the channel famed for it’s avant garde approaches to programming (see Katie and Peter Unleashed and The Only Way is Essex for more information) is crumbling before our very eyes.

Standards are clearly slipping. First the decision to re-introduce Katona Queen of Iceland as the ultimate ‘come back queen’ and now this.

The show is called OMG! Totally Peaches, the initial flaw in the format,  and is on ITV2 next spring. The show will see everyones fave ‘accomplished journalist’, ‘television presenter’ and ‘fashion model’ Peacho demonstrate another of her seemingly endless talents.

Divorcee Peacho will be chairing a panel of ‘experts’ which will aim to solve teenage viewers’ problems on propahh ishhhuuus including relationships, sex and money problems – in front of a live studio audience. Scientologist Peaches was thought to be ideal for dishing out earnest advice to vulnerable teenagers. Oh look – is that hell freezing over?

However, obviously we will be watching this televisual train wreck. This is going to make for some stellar viewing. Boy, do those guys at ITV2 play a cuntyning game!


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