X-PLOITATION! Contestants missing out on big bucks

26 Nov

Placards at the ready. X Factor finalists are being paid nothing for big money advertising campaigns which would earn Cheryl ‘because you’re reet worth it’ Cole  other stars tens of thousands of pounds.

Matt Hat, Hairy Mary, Cher et al’s faces are being used by some of the nation’s biggest companies in advertisments while the contestants are getting nowt. Who gets the cash? Brains behind the operation of course – Lord Cowell.

Finalists had to surrender to Cowell sign away their lives image rights in agreement to appear on the show. This means while they appear in videos and online ads for Sainsbury’s, L’Oreal and Very.co.uk, show bosses (Big Si) and ITV get the cash, a reported £200,000 off L’oreal and cool £1 million of Very.

In the ultimate injustice show bosses have got Tesco checkout worker Mary, roped into promoting Sainbury’s. In a video ad for the supermarket Mary is seen preparing food using Sainsbury’s own brand ingredients.

While Cher, Louis from One Direction and Rebecca Ferguson – complete with L’Oreal slogans – feature on Superdrug’s website.

Show bosses have defended the move, arguing that they are more than generous, forking out for the contestants gruel and water mortgage and bills during their time on the show.

No word on what the ever capable Wagner is being used to whore, other than unbridled masculinity. Unconfirmed reports sugget Davidoff are in talks withs how bosses to secure the talented Brazillian in an upcoming campaign.


One Response to “X-PLOITATION! Contestants missing out on big bucks”

  1. stephanie November 29, 2010 at 10:36 am #

    Mate, these articles are really good, especially like this one, they are a bit shark like!!! bet they really rip them off in the end with a promise of their dream.

    They wouldn’t do it if it werent for the big bucks.

    My friend went to see the x factor and she and her friends are attractive, they pulled them out of the queu and said you have a special ticket so you can sit at the front. They werent special they were the same as any other ticket, but looks like they try to put attractive people at the front near the judges. Have a look when you see it bet you wont see a minger!

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