Gillian McKeith: I’M PREGNANT! Rumours suggest Wagner is father

24 Nov

Bonkers Gillian Mckeith latest stunt on I’m a Celeb has to be the best so far. Gillian was heard shouting that she was pregnant when sent to the jungle jail after cheating in the Kangaroo Court challenge in scenes reportedly too “unsettling” to show on TV.

This woman is literally insane. Quite how someone who is clearly 94 years old thought we would be duped into believing the news remains a mystery.

Then again, this is the same Gillian McKeith who convinced us shitting in a tupperware box would bring health benefits. When frankly, with Gillian being an example of said health benefits, you can put us a Big Mac in our box.

Regarding Gillian’s past shabby efforts on the show (see below*) Stacey Solomon, voice of reason, voice of the nation said to Gillian:

‘If you’re so afraid and have so many phobias and are ill over it, you should go. There’s nothing keeping you here. You said it’s unbearable.’

Gillian was right peeved at this outrageous suggestion and retorted:

“You’re the classic person who doesn’t understand what a fear is versus a phobia. You don’t understand phobia, it’s like taking a person who can’t swim and throwing them in 10 feet of water and saying “off you go, see if you can swim’.”

Stacey, VoR, added:

“No, because that’s a chance of death. Honestly Gill, if your phobia is that intense and that bad and you’re having to get up and deal with it everyday. It’s hard for us to hear it as well.”

(And us, even though we will admit it it the only reason to watch I’m a Celeb. Ever since they axed those Katona Queen of Iceland ads and Gino sacrificed Mickey)

Gillian later confirmed her insanity, adding:

“There’s only one person I would like to talk to when I get out of here and that’s Katie Price.”

Concerning Gillian’s mythical foetus bets are surfacing on who the father may be. Our money is on Wagner, which also provides an excuse to watch this video. Hoorah!

*Plus an essential reminder of mental McKeith causing mayhem and fainting in what could it be the most comfortable position possible live on ITV 1:


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