Jack Tweed narrowly misses out, as Ryan Reynolds is voted Sexiest Man Alive

17 Nov

Further proof that those folk across the pond do vote some funny things.

People magazine in America have announced that they’ve named Ryan Reynolds the Sexiest Man Alive 2010. Reports suggest Wagner and Jack Tweed’s people have been ‘surprised’ by the result.

We actually had to Google this Ryan Reynolds chap, surely not a good sign. Appaz he is Scarlett Johannsen’s hubby which frankly, does not entice us anymore than pre Googling.

However, it did interest to know that Ryan was the fit one who took his shirt off in the otherwise terrible entertaining Sandra Bullock horror film rom-com The Proposal.

In comparison, previous winners of the title have included recognisable men: Johnny Depp (pirate fit), Hugh Jackman (wolverine fit), Matt Damon (bourne fit), George Clooney (dad fit) and Matthew McConaughey (perfume advertedly fit).

Nonetheless, Twitter seems to agree with the result, one amorous fan signed in just to let us all know of her delight:

‘Ryan Renyolds. Very good choice People. I’d fuck the living shit out of him.’

What a treat. Wonder if anyone would be willing to print that on a T shirt for us?


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