Jack Tweed is crap in bed, Chanelle Hayes does a Kanye and nearly explodes on Twitter

17 Nov

It pains us to care for such low rent gossip but we simply cannot resist a story involving a certain polished gent who, if the rumours are true, could be a contender for GQ’s Sexiest Man Alive accolade. That is, as long as Wagner doesn’t pip him to the post

Yes, it entertained us greatly to hear the recent outbursts of Chanelle Hayes of Chiggy past, BB fame and consequent nudity based magazine appearances in regard to professional numb nut but all round smooth bastard, Jack Tweed.

So much that it would be rude not to share.

In a clear bid to keep things civil following the couples devastating break up Chanelle attempted reconciliation via Twitter (where else?) . She tweeted @ Jack.

“You are the biggest liar and nastiest piece of work I have ever had the displeasure of meeting,”  “U wanna tell lies about me? Then at least make sure I can’t prove they’re lies. Dumb AND crap in bed… Gutted. (sic)”

Chanelle has kept things similarly discrete in the past:

“Yours [life] is full of sl*gs, alcohol, fights and trouble…u must be so proud. I’m done with u, ur lies, and ur obvious inability to keep ur penis in ur pants.”

For clarity Chanelle added:

“Byeeeee loserrrrrrrrrr”

Surely this is all a bit harsh. Jack seems a nice guy. Minus that whole sent to jail for smashing a golf club over a innocent teenagers head and trying to strangle a taxi driver thing. But we all make mistakes.


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