Nice to know Cheryl’s hair stylist has the X Factor

15 Nov

Judging by Cheryl’s up-don’t we can only conclude Dannii Minogue has been off bribing the X Factor’s hair ‘stylist’ again.

And doesen’t Chezzle look thrilled! Well, we wouldn’t be laughing much either if someone dressed us up as Minnie Mouse and plonked us out on national television.

After careful study we are still divided over whether it was Queen Padme Amidala or Princess Leia inspired.

However, it’s most likely Cheryl was commanding a one woman tribute to Gary Oldman’s  in Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

The debate became so heated ‘Cheryl Cole Minnie Mouse’ trended on Twitter

Even mad fashion is up in arms over chingnon-gate, Grazia said:

‘WHAT. THE. HECK. was that?’

In other X Factor news we want some of what ever Robbie was taking and in the words of one quick witted twitter-er:

“It’s easier to get rid of chlamydia than Katie Weasel!”


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