Matt off X Factor and that judge off Britains Next Top Model have a cuddle

12 Nov

Remember the judge on Britain’s Next Top Model who most certainly had not been to Specsavers (just Topshop)? Grace Woodward we believe. Better known as Irritating.

Well, this morning, Matt Cardle has left his female fanbase heartbroken after it was revealed he is dating Grace who is also a stylist on The X Factor.

It’s reported that the pair  have started a secret relationship and have been spotted kissing and cuddling backstage. Putting us off wanting to do either of those two things with Matt for life.

Grace’s PR ‘a blind show insider’ who sources suggest wears similarly stupid over sized glasses as Irritating Grace, only blacked out said:

“Matt is smitten. He tried to hide his feelings for a long time but he just feels so strongly about Grace. Anyone who met her would see why. She is stunning, not only on the outside but inside too…”

To guarantee nausea the insider added that Grumpy Grace is so fond of Matt Hat that she has even given him a nickname… Matt Cuddles.

Ok that’s enough now. BLEUGH.


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