If only Nadine Coyle had got all her millions of friends to buy a copy of Insatiable…

4 Nov

After reassuring us last week: “I’ve got loads and loads of friends. I’m really not struggling in that area.” We were suprised to hear that Nadine Coyle’s highly anticipated solo single Insatiable has only sold 117 copies.

This morning she appeared on the hell bound Daybreak, which incidently only has about 117 viewers, in a bid to promote her single. 

Speaking about whether the band would be pleased to reunite with her, Nadine said: “I would say so, I would say there is no reason, there’s no excuse if everybody is happy enough to get back and do that.”

 Well we beg to differ as Kimberly has said in her weekly magazine column today:

“There is nothing to say. I can’t keep talking about it. I haven’t sent her a good luck message. To be honest, she’s just wanted to do her own stuff for a while and she’ll just be glad when she’s got her single out there and she is doing the music that she wants to do.”

The feud continues.


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