Christina Aguilera indulges in some ‘softcore pornography’

31 Oct

So our favourite recent divorcee, alleged lesbian and MILF with a belting pair of lungs has hit the headlines.  A certain daily newspaper has got right hot under the collar and  proclaimed Christina Aguilera’s latest advert for her new fragrance, Royal Desire, as nothing but ‘low rent soft core pornography’.

Before we continue we feel it necessary to view the filth in question:


Phwoar? Or maybe it was a slow news day. Maybe this is shocking. If we were Victorian puritan prigs.  Frankly, we were expecting more. With claims of ‘pushing the boundaries of decency’ – we at least wanted a prostitute or two, some coke, at least a few Russians. A millisecond of cleavage just does not fit in the boundary pushing catagory.


It’s also been alleged that budding lesbian Chrissy Ags has been having rude three way cuddles with Lindsay Lohan’s ex Sam Ronson and her producer. The gobby producer has come out and said:

“Sam said she had a threesome with Xtina in Mexico last month, that’s when she realised she was ‘a hot piece of ass’. Sam said Xtina is ‘horny as a college freshman’.”

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