Nadine has LOADS of friends. Just none called Sarah, Nicola, Cheryl or Kimberly.

25 Oct

Just squeezing in time to do a quick interview in between her hectic ‘solo career’, Nadine Coyle has spoken out on her relationship with the other Girls Aloud members.

Fresh from snubbing Cheryl Cole’s X Factor performance where the rest of the gang were spotted backstage being super chummy and making Bellamy feel all amatuer, the modest star, naturally assuming the request was in the post, said:

‘I’m not doing Strictly Come Dancing or X Factor for this campaign. I only want to do live shows. You can’t really get the full effect and with Insatiable being such a big song and because I’m just starting off I want it to be all about doing stuff live’.

On the status of Girls Aloud, Nadine said:

“I don’t speak to the girls, not regularly. But that doesn’t mean there’s a problem on my part. It just means they all hate me I can only speak for myself because they all hate me I don’t know what’s going on in other people’s personal lives, but there’s no animosity. Not from me, anyway.”

When asked who was the last of the girls that Nadine spoke to she said:

“None of them. We’ve known each other since we were 16 and everybody moves on. It’s just one of those things.”

But fear not folks as Nads is just fine, adding:

“But don’t worry because, as far as friendships go, I’ve got loads and loads of friends. I’m really not struggling in that area.”

LOADS AND LOADS . In case you were worried. Which she isn’t because she has LOADS.

Glad to hear about the social life but maybe Nadine should bite her tongue considering that imminent contractually binding new album that needs recording…

As for her absence at Chezza’s big mime – Nads and her skinny legs were off attending the Q awards – another turgid celeb bash that we wern’t invited to but Florence Welch was.

The fued continues.


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