HOORAY! MORE X FACTOR GOSS! And poor Katie’s got no mateys…

20 Oct

Poor Katie Waissel. The things this poor lass has subjected herself to in her bid for fame. Snogging dwarves, shagging James Blunt AND enduring an actual relationship with Michael off the Apprentice – all for a bit of cash and a sing song.

Now she actually makes it to the telly only to find her fellow contestants refusing to speak to her and reportedly calling her ‘Katie Weasel’. What on earth could have substantiated such a brutal christening?

Perhaps the small detail that in a bid to boost her votes young Katie ‘leaked’ to a certain newspaper that she and Matt Cardle (the show’s favourite, incidently) enjoyed a night of frenzied passion. No one was more suprised to hear this news than Matt Cardle who denied the claims immeadiately. Sources suggest he may have removed his hat in shock.

Sounds pretty weasly to us.

While on the weasly subject, it seems Katie may not be that ‘hairdresser receptionist’ she bangs on about. Katie has a lot more work experience than Lord Cowell would like us to believe.

As well as actually bagging an American record deal, Waissel had already tried becoming famous once, filming a confirmedly awful ‘show’ called Green Eyed World about how she was going to break into the music industry using only her emotions and astonishingly pronounced jawline to help her in her quest.

Of course in true weasel style she ended up seducing the executive producer of the show (for real in this instance), and featured the tryst in the final few episodes.


One Response to “HOORAY! MORE X FACTOR GOSS! And poor Katie’s got no mateys…”

  1. Lu October 22, 2010 at 4:39 pm #

    God she looks so much better with long dark hair!

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