Cheryl Cole: ‘I will always love Ashley”

15 Oct

Cheryl Cole. The woman who managed to pay someone to compose an autobiography, a written account of ones life, while omitting any mention of her three and a half years of holy matrimony, has finally discussed her marriage to Ashley Cole. A man famous for football but more importantly, vomitting in womens’ handbags.

Cheryl chose to break her silence to none other than Piers Morgan on Saturday night filler favourite ‘Piers Morgan’s Life Stories’ .

In an emotional interview, Cheryl spoke of that pesky energy sucking mosquito that nearly ruined her career and also, her battle with malaria. Chezza said she believed her repellent ex husband to be a ‘genuinely nice guy’ adding:

”Looking back on it I feel numb. We had a great marriage and a fantastic wedding day but I don’t know where it went wrong.”

That lottery advert probably didn’t help… She went on…

”Once we get over this obstacle I hope we can be friends again. A part of me will always love Ashley.”

The ‘obstacle’ Cheryl mentions being divorce and a queue of women with vomit in their hand bags. Shouldn’t be too difficult then.

The interview will be broadcast on 23rd October. Crap, now we might actually have to watch Piers Morgan’s Life Stories.


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