David Arquette opens up about failed marriage: ‘She won’t f*** me’

13 Oct

Soon to be divorcee and budding alcoholic, David Arquette, has spoken of his marriage to former friends star Courtney Cox to US radio show host Howard Stern.

David slurred his way through the recent interview claiming the couple have not had sex for four months. Talking of his trial separation the gallant husband said:

“OK, so we get a trial separation and we have agreements with it. She knows she’s not f*cking me and she’s like ‘listen, I want you to be able to do whatever you have to do’. You know, essentially I’m free to see people. I had sex with a girl once. Maybe twice. It doesn’t even matter”

It has since been revealed David slept with waitress Jasmine Waltz. Incidently, the same waitress who punched Lindsay Lohan in the face at her birthday party in the pre ole nick days. But remember –  ‘it doesn’t even matter’…

Thank you David for making what was a private matter, now graphically public. We are sure Courtney is just thrilled and questioning just WHY it didn’t work out with such a becoming man as David.

“We’re best friends, she’s the greatest woman I’ve ever met,. The moment I met her, I knew, she’s the greatest woman in the whole f*cking world. But, yes, she’s got her issues.”

Maybe you get to grips with your own ‘issues’ first eh, Dave?


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