Chloe Mafia gets “proper mad, innit” make under

12 Oct

Ok so sadly, she may no longer be part of The X Factor (oh the injustice!) but will live on in our hearts every Saturday night.

Yes, we are talking about Chloe Mafia, the X Factor’s token escort with a coke problem wild child who famously arrived as boot camp with a stinking hangover following a energetic night on the game on the town.

Those folks over at Now magazine kindly offered to give Chloe a make under which she graciously accepted. And doesen’t she look nice! After returning her eighteen inch eyelashes to the giraffe and investing in some industrial paint stripper to rid Chloe of her slap the end result is actually pretty good! Keep this up and we’re sure you can up your hourly rate, Chlo.

Chloe said:

“It’s amazing!” says Chloe herself in Now magazine. “It doesn’t even look like me – in a good way! That’s proper mad, innit. I can’t believe it.”

However, we have doubts over the sincerity of Chloe’s claims. It takes a lot to impress our Ms Mafia – Snog Marry Avoid attempted and it wasn’t long before Chloe decided she disliked the socially acceptable look and returned to her original ‘wacky’ clobber.


One Response to “Chloe Mafia gets “proper mad, innit” make under”

  1. Helen October 13, 2010 at 6:44 pm #

    She looks really demure and classy after t’Now makeunder…I didn’t like the snog marry avoid one, she looked washed out and streaky. She looks so much fresher without even the lashes! I hate to sound shallow, but shes well on her way to gaining respectability with a more toned-down look. she really suits that a-line dress…I think she has a look of Penelope Cruz in the ‘after’ picture x

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