Lord Sugar: Piss off Kirstie, you lying cow!

9 Oct

Once upon a time Sir/Lord Alan Sugar vowed he was not interested in Twittering, concerned it may make him come across as a ‘mug’.

Well, it seem S’Ralan may have been right to worry as news has arrived that he has indeed come across as just that.

It all started when Kirstie Allsopp (friends with a man named Phil – on telly, talks about mortgages and stuff) informed her tweet following (all 6 of them) that S’ralan was “shockingly uncharitable.”

Well, this just won’t do, and it wasn’t long before Lord Sugar was slanging some gramatically incorrect mud right back at Kirsty before our very eyes. A twitter war had broke out, with the verbal bloodshed reaching a climax with Lord Sugar prounouncing the property guru as ‘a lying cow’. Isn’t this man in politics? What on earth would Margaret’s eyebrows have to say? Here is the chilling conflict in full:

Good effort. However, in terms of celeb squabbles, you can’t beat the nuclear bitchfest that is Lily Allen vs Cheryl Cole. So for nostalgia purposes let us re visit the wonderful MySpace rant of Ms Allen, the only person to become famous for wearing trainers and slagging off anyone who comes within two feet of them:

“Cheryl if you’re reading this , I may not be as pretty as you but at least I write and SING my own songs without the aid of autotune . I must say taking your clothes off , doing sexy dancing and marrying a rich footballer must be very gratifying , your mother must be so proud , stupid bitch. ” L.Allen ’07.


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