What to get the man who has everything?

8 Oct

Answer: why, a dwarf of course! And what’s better than one seranading dwarf? Three seranading dwarves! No one knows this better than Cheryl Cole who suprised Simon Cowell with the ultimate birthday treat – a trio of singing dwarves complete with little tiny violins.

In the knowlege, a job isn’t worth doing if it isn’t done properly Cheryl went to the extra effort of personalising her gift, opting for ‘“Happy Birthday. Love, Cheryl.” which was written across the t shirts of her under sized entertainers.

Lord Cowell was greeted by the unusual sight when he turned up to filming for The X Factor in London. It is thought the judge found the performance pleasing, if a little short…

NB: It’s believed that  contestant Katie Waisell was not informed of the troop’s arrival. It was worried the distraction could comprimise her preparations for tommorows first live show. Confused? Over to you Michael off the Apprentice –

“I eventually split from Katie after I caught her snogging dwarf Hollywood actor Jordan Prentice, full on French kissing. Her hands were all over him.”

For more on Katie’s dwarf liasons and sex maniac career see –



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