X FACTOR Cheryl bashing week continues!

6 Oct

Single mum, Anastacia Baker, 31 21, who failed to get through the judge’s houses stages of The X Factor has hit back at the show brandishing it ‘a fix’ and Cheryl Cole ‘heartless’ and ‘two-faced’.

To be fair, we would expect Anastacia to be a tad peeved. After all, this isn’t the first time she has got the boot at this late stage. Cheryl also kicked her off at judges houses back in 2008.

She whined on saying that Cheryl had no emotion when giving her the news and despite not being able to say anything bad about her audition, still didn’t let her through.

Talking about finalist (sex maniac, live wire) Katie Waisell, Sour Grapes Baker, as she will now be refered to, said:

‘Katie knows a lot of people in the industry. She could tell us all the information, where we were going, which judge we were getting.  That makes you think, is it a fix?’ Sour Grapes stamped her feet and told The Sun.

Informed folk will, however, know that Sour Grapes is mistaken and rather it is the industry  that knows the inside of Katie all too well. Not to mention a few Hollywood dwarves.

Her wobbly even extended to Cher as she then went on to spread her wrath to the innocent tonsilitus sufferer, saying that after sharing a room with the 17-year-old she didn’t see her eat properly.

Guess we know who didn’t get into the wildcard catagory then…


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