Cheryl accused of being all RACIST. (Oh no not again!)

5 Oct

At the moment we are engulfed by all things X Factor. 

On Sunday tears were shed by all – the contestants, Dermot, us – as we watched the judges whittle down the contestants to reach the final 12.

Admittedly, we were a bit surprised to hear that little cutie Gamu Nhengu hadn’t made it through to Cheryl’s top 3. We were most looking forward to shouty voice over man tackling that mouthful. However, knew it was to make way for the unstable, live wire, sex maniac Katie which, considering live television is going to be involved, was fine by us.

It has since become evident that it is not fine by over 100,000 keen Facebookers who are just fuming with outrage at Gamu’s packing orders. And, of course, a media furore has now ensued and it wasn’t long before certain newspapers brought out the race card.

Now all they needed was a glamourous scape goat. Enter Cheryl Cole nee Tweedy who won the show with Alexandra Burke and has recently divorced Ashley Cole.

As Gamu is African, Cheryl Cole who shared her judging with Will.I.Am black  has now been accused of being a racist. 

An accusation rarely made when Cheryl Tweedy biffed a black toilet attendant after making a racially provoked insult. You can’t just throw a label like that around you know. Need a memory jog?

“On the night of the assault, Cheryl Tweedy was already wasted – on vodka and Red Bull, wine and complimentary champagne – when she staggered down to the ladies’ lavatories. There sat 38-year-old Sophie Amogbokpa, a black lavatory attendant. In the course of a dispute – during which Miss Amogbokpa requested that Tweedy pay up for the sweets she had snatched – an energised Tweedy punched her very hard in the eye. In the pictures, Amogbokpa looked as if she had been horribly mugged: she suffered pain for weeks. The jury decided that there was not enough evidence that Tweedy’s assault was prompted by racism.”


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