X Factor Katie is a nymphomaniac. (I was a sex addict so I know these things)*

3 Oct

While we were under the naive impression that this Katie off X Factor is just mad – it now has come out in our favourite red top that she is, in fact, sex mad. Delightful.

The News of the World has exposed Katie as ‘a fame-obsessed sex maniac who’s tried to bed her way to the top’.

Her cover was blown by none other than ex Apprentice idiot Michael Sophocloes. Need reminding? Who could forget this:

Back to the story – Michael said:

“I eventually split from Katie after I caught her snogging dwarf Hollywood actor Jordan Prentice, full on French kissing. Her hands were all over him.”

Poor Katie. If only Michael had been more understanding.

Believe it or not, this story gets even better. Katie has denied any relationship with the lovely Michael, accusing him of muscling in on her ‘celebrity status’. However, it has also been revealed how Katie tried to flog her side of the story when Mike was a bit famous during his apprentice stint.

Demure Katie said: “He called his penis Signor Boo. And he’d say, ‘Watch out, Signor Boo’s coming to get you!'” While other highlights include:

“When a guy uses half a tube of shaving foam and a blunt razor on his back he’s not exactly going to see immaculate results, especially if it’s a DIY job!”

Highlights from Michael’s equally amorous kiss and tell include:

“I could tell immediately this girl was a nymphomaniac. I was a sex addict so I know these things.”*

“After we did the deed we played music and danced around in our underwear like mentalists.”

Sadly things didn’t work out for the blissfully happy couple.

But that was no probs for dwarf snogging Kate who was soon boasting of a new love affair, with singer James Blunt, 36.

Michael said: “All her friends are aware of it because Katie was so open about it.

It wasn’t a big thing for James. Nevertheless, because of his fame, Katie was very into him and ended up imagining she’d been used.

But really she never cared about anything other than being famous. Her entire life has been about becoming a star.”

Thank you Michael, whatever corner of Chinawhite you may lurking in.


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