20 Sep

Rising twiglet, Kelly Osbourne has taken to Twitter to launch a hilarious/damning attack against Dannii Minogue, proclaiming the X Factor judge ‘evil’ and ‘the devil’.

Yesterday,  Dannii revealed all about her time spent on the X Factor with Kelly’s mum, Sharon Osbourne.

In her new autobiography, Dannii reckons Sharon was super mean and nasty to her before the first live show in a bid to wreck her nerves on opening night. All while Dannii remained all angelic and schtum mumbling on about how much she ‘admired’ Mrs O.

‘Someone I admired greatly had relentlessly bawled in my face for 20 minutes and ruined what would have been one of the best nights of my life’  Dannii winges in her new book.

She added: ‘Yo momma so fat…’

Well, daughter Kelly was all but pleased to hear of Dannii’s mini rant and has hit back in defense of her Ma saying:

‘Dannii is the devil. The best thing to happen to her career was that my mother hated her.’

‘She needs to shut her mouth and concentrate on motherhood’.

And now for Kelly’s true pièce de résistance:

‘Wa wa wa you poor middle-aged victim’.

Kelly does, however,  excuse her catharsis:

‘Sorry, but no one talks about my momma I have had to deal with this bullshit for four years. I am sick and tired of her lies. Enough is enough.’

Nothing like a Twitterific verbal purging. Phew. Feel better now Kels?


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