Two shameless JLS photo opportunities

17 Sep

These two are such a gorgeous pair. We are very jealous indeed. JLS’ Marvin was snapped here accompanying his fellow pop star and lady friend, Rochelle off the Saturdays to none other than the opening of Selfridges’ Shoe Galleries.

One whole floor dedicated to shoes – if this were Facebook we would like this very much.

Could it be Marv is the perfect boyfriend? Fit, sings a bit, rich and takes you shoe shopping. Not too bad at all!

However, A-HA, we have a flaw! Why on earth would you wear possibly the worst ever foot wear to be crafted by the hand of man at the launch of a shoe heaven? ‘Av a word Roch! Unless he was cunningly on the hunt for freebies, in which case he really is perfect again.

As for the other JLS boyos? Well, Aston was last spotted launching a rather familiar face into his pool in Ibiza.

The unidentified, stunning blonde is said to be a bit of a Namedropper.


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