Veggies overt your eyes – meaty Gaga goss!

8 Sep

Here’s Lady Gaga posing in a bikini made entirely of meat for her latest Vogue cover which has prompted an inevitable furious response from animal rights campaigners.

The animal rights lot have got their knickers in a right twist over this latest outrageous move from the bonkers Lady G.  The nuts at PETA have equated the decision to drape sirloin over ones body with:

‘Bloody violence and suffering, so if that’s the look they were going for—they achieved it.’

We will never look at a Harvester surf and turf in the same way.

Just another reminder that fashion really is mad and we should all go plonk a steak on our head. We jest but just like the clogs trend, it’s only a matter of time.

Ironically, adorning herself with a flesh bikini has timely coincided with the release of a  new book claiming that Gaga was starving herself to fit into her stage outfits.

Her former tour manager David Ciemny said she collapsed six times last year due to her her extreme dieting.


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