How could Roo?

8 Sep

Serious faces on. Another day, another fecking love rat.

It’s officially now decided that all footballers are incapable of being faithful lovely husbands like we truly believed Wayne (and Crouch) to be. Even blooming Becks had a cheeky away game!

We are very sad to see these latest pics of Coleen, the first taken since the news broke of Wayne’s scummy prossie romps.

Prostitute and ex public schoolgirl (!) Jennifer Thompson is alleged to have had an affair with Wayne while Col was pregnant with son Kai.

Classy Jen revealed to The News of The World how Wayne paid her £1,200 for sex on more than seven occasions.

She also said that how he had openly spoken to her about his filth orders in front of his team mates including Michael Owen.

A source has said:

‘If Coleen can’t handle it and it’s over, so be it. Seems he thinks he can pretty much do what the hell he likes because they’d all be nothing without him.’

Er yeah Coleen, it’s time to go now.

Everyone is coming out of the woodwork to have a dig at Wayne. Even the granny, “Auld Slapper”, he poked back in 2004 (£45 while were on the subject) has commented in a national newspaper.

Of course, no Rooney tale would be complete without a smattering of dodgy relatives. So please cue Natalie Rooney, Wayne’s desperado wannabe glamour model cuz.

Cousin Natalie has been all over Coleens VERY public twitter page like a bad rash (possibly not too disimilar to one that Wayne possibly caught..). Natalie has posted all sorts. Highlights include:

“Wonder if capello can learn his players to start thinking with their brains instead of their dicks!!”

“Them boots were made for walking. But I’d boot him up the arse before I walked!!”

‘Just give me a call, I’ve still got the same number. Let’s put the past behind us. Xxxx.’

The ‘past’ Nat mentions being that time she flashed her norks at Coleen’s birthday party. Yeah, still can’t see that modelling contract happening. But good try.


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