Congratulations Mutya! Two little bundles of joy!

31 Aug

Now we will admit, like everybody, we are rather partial to a big butt. Shake the booty and all that nonsense but this is just sillyness.

Mutya Beuna, former Sugababes fame, has admitted to forking out a ridiculous £5,000 for bum implants. That’s correct, Mutya has invested five thousand of the Queen’s good coins on a fraudulent silicone imitation of a J.Lo butt.

Now, you may be under the ignorant impression that a few doughnuts could have achieved the desired result so let’s hand over to Mutya to enlighten you:

“I just wanted it a bit perkier,” she explains. “It’s not that there was anything wrong with it – it’s just a change. I like to be extreme.”

She has got a fair enough point – counterfeit buttocks are extreme. Extremely overpriced.

We are reluctant to say too much as we’ve always been a bit scared of Muts. You must admit she is definitely the Sugababe most likely to duff you up. At least the imposter hindquarters might distract from the angry mug, maybe now she might have something to smile about.

For our own personal safety we will stop there.


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