28 Aug

Britain’s Got Talent is being sued for £250,000 by a bitter Madonna tribute act.

Philip Grimmer, 57, who is partially deaf has accused the ITV show of discriminating against his age, disability and sexual orientation.

Phil got right offended after being called “monstrous” , “horrendous” and savagely informed “Madonna at 95 would look better and dance better than you.”

Mr Grimmer also had a legal grumble about the frankly slanderous Ant and Dec who introduced him as “a man who likes dressing up as a woman”.

Can’t imagine where they got that ridicularrrse idea. Particularly after Phil performed wearing a purple leotard, knee-high boots and blonde wig.

He is demanding £250,000 in damages for injury to feelings after his exit in the show’s semi-final. The married dad also said he had since been mistaken for being a gay transvestite, the sheer presumptuousness of some people!

Mr Grimmer said: “I was discriminated against by Simon Cowell and the two presenters Ant and Dec and by one of the assistant producers. I was singled out by these persons and received unfair and worse treatment and comments on the live TV show than other contestants.”

Gee Phil, why don’t you just man up and stop being a girl about it…? (ahahahaha)

Simon wasn’t the only one left distinctly UNIMPRESSED! (But rather enjoying watching himself on the old webcam…)

This guy has got serious judging potential. Almost as good as Geri Haliwell.


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