24 Aug

If you haven’t already, be sure to watch the latest vid from Chase & Status ‘Let You Go’ featuring Mali.

(Yeah, we are all edgy now and like drum n bass as well as Kelly Brook and Jordan. In fact we are going straight off to upload this onto our Jordan iPod)

Vocalist Mali originally appeared on 2008’s X Factor but got the boot when Simon thought, at just 15, he was just too wet behind the ears to handle the X Factor pressure (see Lloyd Daniels for more information).

That didn’t put Chase nor Status off as they chose to let him show off his belting skills in this latest track. Nice to think that X Factor can give Drum n Bass a helping hand now and then.

On to the all important vid and check out those cheeky Chase and Status chaps, making us see our glorious Jezza Kyle in a rather sinister light! Ok, we know that it’s fictional and the paralells ‘purely coincidental’ and all that, we just hope Jeremy’s lawyers see the funny side. Also, see if you can spot Tulisa off N Dubz!

Proof that drum n bass can make just about anything cool….


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