LLOYD DANIELS: Another X FACTOR whinge bag

23 Aug

This time it’s Lloyd Daniel’s turn. The little Welsh lad off last year, remember now? Granted, we haven’t heard from him much since he got the boot and that suited us just fine.

But now X Factor is making big news he’s popped up, squirming from the woodwork to give us his insight into what a dreadful experience the X Factor was for him. Poor diddums. Lloyd has done a Steve Brookstein, claiming he was RELIEVED when he was voted off in fifth place.

“I’m pleased that I’m not part of it this year,” he says. “I lost a stone-and-a-half just through stress. I’d say to this year’s contestants, ‘You’ve got it hard guys, seriously.’ I think it’s too much. I doubt I’ll watch it. I don’t know if I could watch other people going through it – it’s very hard. I would never do it again.”

Lloyd is currently touring anywhere with a Butlin’s with last year’s finalist Danyl Johnson. It’s believed sour grapes are top of his backstage rider.

Lloyd is recording his album, but is surprisingly still looking for a record deal.

We’re suprised Simon didn’t snap Lloyd up straight away. We were under the impression he was rather taken by Lloyd’s talent. Skip to 30 seconds to see what we mean


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