Olly Mur’s twin and his little violin

22 Aug

With X Factor kicking off last night it’s only right to latch on to an exciting X Factor related bit of goss.

Remember Olly who came second last year? Well, lovely Olly has a crabby twin brother who isn’t all famous like Ols and is proper miffed about this.

And miffed off twin has only gone and opened his gob to the News of The World in exchange for  a bucket of cash!

The twin has gone off on one, calling his better looking brother Olly ‘a self obsessed sell out’. Erm… scuze us twinny but aren’t you the one exchanging family affairs for a few quid?

“Our family was torn apart because of X Factor. Things have got to the point where if I have children, I don’t even want Olly to meet them. I watch my brother – the same person I shared a womb with – on TV now and it’s like I don’t even know who he is.”

This all started when Olly had to make the decision to miss his brother’s wedding. He had a prior engagement that he just couldn’t get out of… the X Factor semi final. Prompting twinny’s comment:

“It’s clear people like Simon Cowell are more important to him than me.”

Someone needs to put this kid down for a nap. Alas, he then whined on and on and on, throwing in this little corker:

“I couldn’t believe he didn’t even mention the wedding when he had the chance. I had watched my family on TV jumping out of their seats to encourage him, but when I gave my wedding speech they hardly clapped.”

The heart bleeds. Cranky Twinny also charmingly added:

“There’s no way Olly has slept with more than 30 women. He’s a bit funny when it comes to girls.”

Olly has a joint deal with Cowell’s record label Syco Music and Epic Records. Last week Robbie Williams, who duetted with Olly on X Factor, offered the former semi-pro footballer a game with his Los Angeles football team.

Ben aka twinny is a married mechanical design engineer from Essex who flogs personal details about his family to national red tops.

Needless to say, there is no sibling rivalry and both brothers lead equally fulfilling lives.

You can watch Twinny’s full interview by following the link –



One Response to “Olly Mur’s twin and his little violin”

  1. DB August 23, 2010 at 12:57 pm #

    Surely Olly is “a bit funny when it comes to girls” because he is gay?! Why didn’t his twin brother just say so!

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