Jordan dresses up as an iPod. Looks ridiculous.

20 Aug

Katie Price has been allowed to design a ’boutique’ range of iPods. Which you can see as they adorn Kate’s head in the picture to your left.

Finally we can listen to Free to Love Again on our very own Jordan iPod! What better?

In some bizarre promotion bid she appeared at the launch in this delightful ensemble.

This classic drag queen from space goes to hawaii inspired look could not have been complete without the help from the Mitchell brothers who kindly agreed to hide, rather unsuccessfully, down her silver spandex catsuit.

The Apple iPod’s are available for sale exclusively on Katie Price and the Jordan Fan Club websites.

QUICK! BETTER GET IN THERE QUICK! In fact – BUY TWO! These are going to fly quicker than Buzz Lightyear’s did that Christmas when we was all small and listened to walkmen. This sort of lark wouldn’t have been allowed back then…and I’m my Nan again…

This is all Mr Apple’s fault, sitting over in California bathing in his cash rubbing his hands together with no concern for our poor burning eyes.

PS: Either she’s been on the bread or our Jord is suddenly looking rather round in the belly region. Could we possibly be expecting? We have a PR assuring us otherwise. Watch this space…


One Response to “Jordan dresses up as an iPod. Looks ridiculous.”

  1. chrismarley1 August 20, 2010 at 11:34 pm #

    Jordon is looking fantastic as ever – please note, saracasm is hard to stress in writing. Its almost like she is quick sand, she is sinking, and she sturggles to stay in the media, and so she sinks even quicker. She seems to be almost as cool and classy as Calum Best. Just think, possible couple of the future. They could actually work together!!! It would be amazing, they would fall in love, move away together and we wouldn’t have to hear about them again.

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