Kelly’s NUDE ASSAULT continues

19 Aug

Here’s Kelly Brook modeling on the cover of Love magazine in a bid to promote the epic Piranha 3d. Technically speaking, aren’t ‘models’ supposed to wear clothes? In order to ‘model’ them.

But not if you are an actress like professional irritant Kelly Brook, clothes are not necessary in her job description. So here she is showing her bum. Again.

We have become so accustomed to the sight of a flesh baring Kelly, sometimes feel we have embarked upon an intimate relationship with Kelly and her bum cheeks. We see them now as close friends.

Kelly explained her clothing boycott saying:

‘Having this movie coming out where I get to make out underwater with a porn star naked, I just thought “why not just embrace it and make this month my naked month where everything I do is naked?”.

Wonder if it’s too late to make a little advent calendar to count down the days until September 1?

MORE IMPORTANTLY: THE WAIT IS OVER! Piranha 3D is released tomorrow!

Here are the stars of the most anticipated release of the year on why they deserve an Academy Award (and Kelly Brook attempting to break into comedy…which we admit is pretty funny):

(NB If you didn’t realise this is satire you probably don’t deserve to and will enjoy Piranha 3d)


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