Watch as shit FLIES from Jordan’s mouth!

17 Aug

We thought proper papers wouldn’t care what ‘slebs like Jordan have to say. But Katie Price has outdone her beserk self in this latest interview with the Guardian.

‘I’m into really sick true-life crime. My dream is to go to prisons, real dark prisons where you see rapists, paedophiles, Hannibal Lecters, murderers. Yeah, absolutely.’

Could someone please arrange this? Katie will provide the camera crew.

She also spoke about her no1 favourite subject, her ill fated marriage to Peeeeda Andre:

‘It was like me and Pete could never do anything for each other unless it was a photo shoot or something. And I said I’ll never do that with Alex. I won’t do it again. I do not want a repeat of what happened before.’

We swear we just watched her and Alex get hitched on ITV2. Maybe we imagined it. Guardian readers possibly don’t tune in to ITV2 that often so s’ok.

Jordan also possibly forgot she has just signed a two year contrract with Virgin Media TV for another reality TV series.

Our favourite erudite star then went on to offend (or flatter, depending on what tickles your pickle) every woman who has ever shopped at Evans by saying:

“I’m worse than an animal. I’m an extremist in bed. You can say I’m like a fat woman, ‘cause they’re the ones they say really try.”

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