This girl wants you to know she is shagging Ashley Cole. Jealous? Thought so.

16 Aug

Remember the bird that had a Chezza makeover and spilt the beans of her tawdry trysts with the ever alluring Ashley Cole? He bought her a Big Mac and said she had a nice bum and face – the killer two. It was the ultimate tale of romance.

(Need more of a reminder? See

Well her dabble with fame was obviously not enough as Sarah Purnell has taken to twitter in a bid to attract as much press attention as humanly possible. We are putty in her hands.

Just short of giving the paps a lift herself, Sarah tweeted on Friday:

‘Can’t beat the mayfair : ) ‘.


Wearing a miniscule skirt to match her miniscule brain, Sarah’s little desperate face could barely contain her glee when she emerged from the taxi at the Mayfair hotel to a crowd of baying photographers. Ashley had arrived shortly before. Bravo and mission accomplished.

Then to clear up any doubts we may have had, which frankly was not too many, she confirmed the authenticity of our assumptions tweeting:

‘The mayfair hotel last night was tooo messy : ) just woke up from last nights antics – lifes a flirt xx’

Life may be a flirt but you, Sarah, are a shameless publicity whore.

Considering Ashley’s tendancy to vomit over his conquests we had anticipated a messy outcome. We just hope Sarah had a mop and some Vanish handy to clean up some of that ‘mess’.

Sarah kindly let us know on Monday:

‘Feeling the monday blues after a ridiculously good weekend. The events at the mayfair hotel last night were emotional miss u babe xx’

Ah yes, loves young dream. We just hope she got a Big Mac this time round.


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