Ronnie Wood ambushes someone’s grandaugher

15 Aug

This is an image guaranteed to put you off your Sunday Roast. Here is human prune Ronnie Wood, 63, coaxing yet another should-know-better young woman into a ‘passionate’ grip of iron.

Ana Araujo, 30 is Ronnie’s latest ‘girlfriend’ since giving celeb BB’s Ekaterina Ivanova (the one who copped off with Basshunter) the chuck.

Ana let her eyes do the talking and her natural adoration for Ronnie was unmistakeable, just short of having a cartoon speech bubble popping up above her head with ‘THINK OF THE MONEY’ written in it.

Ana is a polo coach from Brazil however there have been rumours her talents may have been sold in the past for more shady services. Ronnie, who has been accused of domestic violence in the past, may not have youth, looks, decent dress sense or manners on his side but does have a 5 million pound castle in Surrey. Sounds like a match in heaven.

Ronnie made his opportune moves at the Vintage Goodwood festival, which coincidently is rumoured to be the name of Ronnie’s trouser snake, where he was due to play with his old band The Faces.


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