‘You might want to rethink that you foolish oaf, for I presented 60 minute makeover!’

14 Aug

Bouncers really can be pests. Especially when you are former Loose Woman Claire Sweeney, 39.

Poor Claire of Brookside superstardom turned up at wankerish posho ‘hotspot’ Mahiki all dolled up in her most trendy gear only to be turned away!

The reasons are unsure. Certainly wasn’t a simple case of forgotten ID. Being a female Claire was presumably not quite rich, underage or scantily clad enough to meet Mahiki’s rigorous standards.

This comes as a suprise considering Mahiki’s boasts of:

“The vision with Mahiki is that whether you’re fat, thin, bald, ugly or old, you can get in.”

They certainly kept to this oath when later that night ever glamourous Jack Tweed strolled in. Hang on – isn’t this place meant to be frequented by Price Haz and Wills?

The message is clear: come in if your 30 stone but don’t even try if you are 30 years plus. What on earth would Arlene Phillips say?

But more to the point: why would Claire Sweeney want to go to Mahiki? Was it two for one on sherry? Oh now that is ageist.


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