Katy Perry knocks our socks off with new vid

14 Aug

Not to sound overly creepy but sometimes we wish Katy really kissed a girl and liked it, then we could go out with her.

Here’s Katy Perry’s latest video for Teenage Dream which has introduced a brand new side to Katy. The starlet has stripped back the make up and revealed not only her knickers but a softer side. Plus it’s indecently catchy and you will be powerless to resist. Katy has said:

“It is gonna be completely different from California Gurls. With Teenage Dream you’ll see a very raw, almost vulnerable [side]. I had to wear so many less layers of makeup.”

There is nothing more vulnerable than one less layer of make up.

Jokes aside, we pulled to California Gurls, now we want to pop off and have our own summer romance with Teenage Dream as the soundtrack.

However, not everyone agrees with this view, what we saw as a rather virtuous document of teenage love has rubbed one enraged blogger right up the wrong way! Accusing our girlfriend Katy of:

‘Encouraging an impromptu drunken shag in a motel room near some Southern California beach is not the right fucking advice to give to teens

Here’s to being another drone, Miss Perry. I wonder how many of the newborns on 16 and Pregnant will be named after you?’

Can’t wait to hear his reaction when he hears Rihanna’s been off humping the microphone again…

As they say in Willy Wonka, “It’s just pop music.” Or was it chocolate? In other words: Chill out, you over serious loser.


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