Rihanna simulates sex with a microphone

13 Aug

Here’s a picture taken as Rihanna entertained fans in New York last night from Madison Square Garden. Just days after Mike Stock of ‘legendary’ twentieth-century music producers Stock Aitken Waterman labeled Rihanna “extremely explicit” and equated 99 per cent of musicians with soft core porn stars.

Speaking to NME Mike said: “The more racy stuff that you see going on nowadays is not something you could put two to ten-year-olds in front of, and you’re embarrassed if you sit there with your mum.”

You can’t beat a spot of microphone humping to prove these simpleton know it alls wrong! Rihanna then went on to further reinforce what a ninny that Mike Stock is by flashing her nipple ring to waiting fans.

Rihanna’s support act, fashion hooligan Kesha, had this to say of her hostess:

“It’s amazing! She’s just a badass. I saw her yesterday, and she spanked me — always keeping me on my toes. She’s the sickest.”

Ok Mike. We see where you are coming from.


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