Don’t you just LOVE Gisele?

13 Aug

Cor that Gisele certainly knows how to butter up the nations women! First she accuses all pregnant women of ‘treating their bodies like garbage disposals’. Then she claims labour ‘doesen’t hurt’. Not before attempting to make breast feeding a legally enforced activity. Much to the delight of nipples around the world.

And now she has popped up in a Herve Leger dress yesterday for a promotional appearance on behalf of Pantene in Sao Paulo to introduce the company’s new eco friendly packaging, which fits right in with noble Gisele’s ‘ongoing environmental activism’. For christs sake we just want to wash our hair, not save the world.

There is NOTHING more annoying than a ‘green celeb’. Particularly this sanctimonious twiglet.

Having no figure to hug, Gizz managed to make the famously figure hugging dress look baggy.



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