BIEBER FEVER gets too freakin’ weird!

11 Aug

We try to avoid stories involving the ever disturbing Justin Bieber. It’s felt a foetus in a toupee who doesen’t know what Germany is wouldn’t be of interest to our ever mature and sophisticated fan base.

This is obviously a sentiment that Kim Kardashian does not share considering her starring role in a Beiber vid made for Elle magazine.

Kim is seen provocatively brandishing her smalls while Bieber tries not to mess his adolescent pants. Call us prudes but could we all please imagine if Kardashian was the 16 year old child and Beiber the 29 year old sex object. We cannot imagine the world, the Daily Mail in particular, taking to kindly to this role reversal.

This is not the first time the Kardashian has demonstrated worrying ‘Beiber fever’, she was famously vilified by lil Justin’s legion of teeny bopping fans after Justin tweeted that Kim was his ‘girlfriend’.

As she is 29, it was clearly a jolly caper but it seems humour develops with age as the Beiber army of underage buffoons failed to see the pleasantry and were quick to sling some serious mud.

If that pissed the Bieber brigade off then we can only suspect this vid isn’t going to exactly improve relations. Skip to 0:50 NOW!


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