10 Aug

Following yesterday’s news of fiancee Peter Crouch’s infidelity with an 800 squid a go prozzer, Abbey Clancy has been spotted today having removed her engagement ring.

Which, incidently is worth 200,000 quid! Phew, imagine how many floozies you could get with that!

Abbey was photographed at riding stables in Surrey looking ‘angry and sad’. Possibly due to the pack of paps which greeted her, but still, it adds to the story.

At the stables, Abbey met up with the one and only Toni Terry,the wife of one of the great love rats, John Terry, who fingers crossed did not give any ‘advice’ on how to handle a scandal such as this.

At least if Abbey and Crouchie piss off to Dubai, paps in tow, with fixed PR enforced grins anytime soon we will know exactly where that bright idea came from.

Abbey is believed to have been filming for an upcoming TV show when the news broke however friends said she has since confronted Peter and asked:

“Are there more girls? I need to know. If there is anyone I know involved the wedding is off.”

To add to Peter’s humiliation in an upcoming issue of Football Punk mag when asks what irritates him the most he says:

“Dishonesty, probably. That irritates me most. And selfishness. Those are the two worst traits.”

What irritates us the most is famous men and their wayward dinkles. What is is about fame which calls to all men’s inner Ashley Cole?

So, to summarise: DUMP HIM ABBEY, DON’T GO TO DUBAI – We all knew you were out of his league by about 20000 miles from the off! Dump him and employ the Cole factor, get super famous and be the nations sweetheart!



One Response to “ABBEY: THE RING IS OFF”

  1. FB August 10, 2010 at 1:59 pm #

    spot on AK.

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